Discover all the features of MPskin

Turn your Matterport tours into a real digital marketing tool! 


MPskin offers a wide range of features that can turn simple virtual tours into a unique experience. In addition to basic features such as the menu, multilingualism and branding, numerous other features can be integrated. Bring your digital twins to life and offer added value for you and your customers at the same time. Get started now!

Augmented Reality
with Indoor Wayfinder

Discover the next level of immersive experiences with AR-Player®, the augmented reality player that brings real locations to life with the help of Matterport scans!
With the MPskin AR-Player®, your virtual tours can be activated on site as an interactive augmented reality adventure.

But that's not all, another fantastic feature awaits: the Indoor Wayfinder! Visitors can use it to be guided directly to any desired location on site.

Augmented Reality

All features at a glance

Here you can find an overview of all MPskin features. 
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Matterport tours finally go multilingual! Save time and money when editing your Spaces and easily create multilingual tours with just a few clicks - all in just one URL!

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The menu is the heart of every tour - in addition to logos and contact details, direct navigation, images, videos, tags, social links, a map and other skins can be linked here. A tag search or tag categories can also be integrated!

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Virtual Staging

With the help of Virtual Staging, images, videos and 3D objects can be integrated into a tour. Thanks to our built-in furniture catalog with over 600 models, you can even furnish entire houses! 

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Advanced Tag-Features

In addition to the usual Matterport Infopoint Tags, you can also configure so-called “popup tags” in MPskin. There is no limit to your creativity with popup tags: HTML code, 360-degree images, audio, videos, external links, images and PDFs can be integrated into tags.

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Create an unlimited number of categories for your tags, choose colors and icons for the different categories and add them to the menu. 

360° Panoramas

With MPskin's “Panorama” feature, any number of 360° images can be integrated into the tour. Each panorama can be provided with so-called “hotspots” on which freely selectable click actions can be placed. 

Corporate Design / Branding

Stand out from the competition and adapt your tours to the corporate identity of your customers by implementing your own logos, colors, background music and fonts. 


With the help of an entry pop-up, users can be welcomed at the start of the tour: integrate graphics, texts, videos, external links or 360° photos that provide users with additional information. 

Avatar Meetings

Thanks to the Avatar Meeting function, your customers can hold live tours and video meetings directly in a space. 

Green Screen-Videos

Green screen videos can also be easily integrated into any tour. With our integrated “Color Picker”, the color of the video background can be selected and removed. 


One of our most powerful features is the HTML/JS/CSS editor built into every skin. It allows PRO users to customize the entire overlay almost limitlessly! 

Tag Import/Export

Another PRO feature is our Tag Import/Export - this feature allows you to export all tag data as a CSV file, customize it and then upload it again. 


With MPskin's whitelabeling, both the login interface and the backend can be branded with a company logo and a custom color. By setting up a whitelabel domain, the entire MPskin backend as well as all tour links can be accessed under your own URL, for example: 

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Scanpoints / Floors

This feature allows you to create multiple tour versions by activating different scan points. For example, a hotel can be divided into several small spaces, each containing only one room. 

Sweep Point Action

With “Sweep Point Action”, MPskin users can now make their tours even more interactive! Link scan points/sweep points with an action of your choice to automatically display or play certain content to users as they navigate the tour.


Add a minimap to give visitors a better overview. You can also insert your own minimap with our minimap upload!


In MPskin, any number of passwords can be created for each individual skin, which can be used to open the tour. These passwords can not only be limited in time, the number of permitted logins can also be defined! 

Matterport URL-Desk

With our practical Matterport URL Desk (“Codes”), all Matterport URL parameters can be managed in one place. For example, the visibility of different buttons, the guided tour or the highlight reel, tag docking and the tour launch (dollhouse entry, play button, etc.) can be configured. 

Google Analytics / Stats

In addition to MPskin's integrated “Stats” tab, in which the basic statistics of skin usage can be called up, a Google Analytics 4 ID can also be integrated into each skin! 

Individual Cover Images / Starting Point

Of course, you can also select a personalized starting point for each skin and upload your own cover image! Separate cover images can be uploaded for both the desktop and mobile view.

Media Library

Every MPskin account and every user has their own media library! This not only saves storage space but also time: files can be stored and structured in folders so that regularly used files such as logos do not have to be uploaded every time. 

Updating of Spaces

If you subsequently add or update/rescan areas of a Space, you can simply replace or update the Matterport Space ID in the respective skin without losing any content inserted with MPskin. 

User Management

Thanks to MPskin's user management, you can create a separate login for all your customers and employees. The respective authorizations can be fully configured and restricted - you decide which user has which editing rights and which skins are visible to them!