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save 2 months upon selecting yearly billing


For everyone looking to expand their virtual tours with a wide range of features and offer their customers their own content management system. 

24 € / Month
Billing cycle: monthly
  • All basic features
  • 25 Tours
  • Multilinguality
  • Corporate Design / Branding
  • User Management
14 day trial, no automatic activation


The BUSINESS Plan contains the same features as the BASIC Plan, but with unlimited Tours.

55 € / Month
Billing cycle: monthly
  • All BASIC Features +
  • Unlimited number of Tours
  • Live Support
14 day trial, no automatic activation

Plan comparison and overview of features

Tour number

25 Tours



Corporate Design / Branding
Multimedia Menu
Advanced Mattertags
Mattertag CSV Export/Import
360° Panoramas
Virtual Staging

Only Images

Augmented Reality - NEW
Greenscreen Videos
Avatar Meeting (50€ / 4.000 min/monthly)
En-/disabling Scan Points
Sweep Point Action
Multiple Highlightreels
Snapshot Button (High Res Image Download)
CSS / HTML / JS Editor
Content & User Management (CMS)
Google Analytics ID
Whitelabel Domain + Pretty URL
Additional Subdomains
Branded Backend
Help and support
Live chat

Frequently asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our product or our pricing? Feel free to look through our FAQ catalogue or send us a message at!

Do I have to install MPskin?

No, MPskin can be used directly in the browser without installation! 
You can access our editor at:

Are my Tours hosted at Matterport or MPskin?

To use MPskin, you still need a Matterport account. 
MPskin loads the tour itself via the Matterport SDK, additional content is entered directly into MPskin. This content and data is then hosted by us.

Our server partner is

How can I try MPskin for free?

You can try MPskin free of charge for 14 days: Free trial
If you decide to subscribe during the trial period or afterwards, all your data from the trial period will be retained.

If you would like to extend your trial period after it has expired, you can send us a message at at any time. 

How can I save?

If you opt for an annual subscription, you can save up to 168 €! Every annual subscription comes with two months of free use, so you only pay for 10 months instead of 12. 


The more tours you use with MPskin, the lower your cost per tour will be.
With our BUSINESS and PRO plans, you can create an unlimited number of tours! 

Will I receive an invoice with or without VAT?

Our prices are net prices. 
If a VAT number is provided at the time of booking, the invoice will be issued and charged without VAT. 
Invoices can be sent in six languages.

If you are an EU company, the correct VAT number must be entered. 
If you are not an EU company, you are responsible for entering the correct VAT number. 

Is my data safe?

Our server partner Hetzner is ISO 27001-certified and therefore meets international security standards. A backup and mirroring to another server park takes place every 30 minutes. 

The MPskin backend can only be accessed by entering a user name and password. After three failed login attempts, a CAPTCHA appears.

Does MPskin have a connection to Matterport?

MPskin uses the Matterport SDK bundle and has entered into an agreement with Matterport before the company was founded. We have direct contact with the chief programmers at Matterport, allowing us to react quickly if any bugs occur in the Matterport SDK.

The team behind MPskin is made up of programmers, digital natives and professional Matterport users. Thanks to our Matterport scanning company, we know Matterport inside out, are familiar with the problems that can occur in practice and find suitable solutions.

Can I switch between plans while having an active Subscription?

Yes, that's not a problem! 
You can upgrade to a higher plan at any time in the backend. If you want to downgrade, please reach out to us at
It is also possible to switch from monthly to annual payment; if you want to switch from annual to monthly payment, you can also contact our support.

If you want to switch from a lower to a higher plan, the amount already paid will be credited to you on a proportional basis.

Cancellation will only take effect after the already booked subscription has ended, in which case there will be no refund for the remaining time period.

How do I cancel an existing plan?

Cancellation will only take effect after the already booked subscription has ended, in which case there will be no refund for the remaining time period.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can send us a message at

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