May we introduce ourselves?

By Users for Users


MPskin was officially founded in 2021 by Norbert Gasser, Thomas Gasser and Stefan Pürgstaller. Norbert and Thomas are true Matterport professionals who have been realizing Matterport scans with their company since 2020. 

About MPskin

MPskin had its beginnings as a custom developed Matterport overlay, which was initially only used by Thomas and Norbert ( Due to our location in the tourist region of South Tyrol (Italy), the need for multilingual tours and an individual, interactive menu quickly arose! 


As there was no suitable solution on the market at the time, Norbert and Thomas went in search of a professional programmer in 2020 and found our chief developer and co-founder, Stefan.

In 2020, after just a few months of using version 1.0 of MPskin, the idea arose of financing future feature developments, such as virtual staging, by commercializing the software. So Norbert, Thomas and Stefan decided to found their own company and signed a licensing agreement with Matterport: MPskin was born!

Since 2021, we are an official Matterport partner and distribute our solution worldwide. Users from over 66 countries have now found the overlay of their choice in MPskin. 

Mia joined our team at the start of 2023 - she is the first point of contact for all support-related inquiries from our users and ensures that no message goes unanswered. Thanks to our close-knit team, all communication channels remain short, which allows us to work in an agile, efficient and solution-oriented manner. 

At the end of 2023, after many months of development, we launched our AR (augmented reality) solution, adding another important layer of use to our product.

By Users for Users:

Our Users are our first priority!


Being Matterport users ourselves, we understand the needs, wishes and problems of our users especially well. 


The users of MPskin are our first priority - offering a stable, reliable product is therefore at the heart of our company philosophy. 

The continuous feedback from users helps us to constantly work on MPskin and implement improvements or feature requests. We place a special focus on stability, well-functioning features and a close contact with our users.



For any questions, suggestions or requests, we are always happy to receive your feedback!


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