Finally, Matterport tours are multilingual!


Save time and money when post-processing your Spaces and easily create multilingual tours with just a few clicks - all in just one URL.


All of your tour content can be integrated in any number of languages, regardless of whether it is the menu, tags, logos, texts or other media.
Thanks to our integrated “Autotranslate” feature, additional language versions, in which the entire tour content is translated, can be added within seconds. Multilingual tours have never been so easy! 

Autotranslate Feature

Thanks to our new “Autotranslate” feature, the entire tour content (info points, menu,...) can be translated with just one click! Create different language versions in seconds with just a few clicks.
For this feature we use Google Translate APIs, so we recommend to double check the content for potential errors after the translation. 

Flexible Translation Options

When using the autotranslate feature, you can freely decide which language to translate from. Individual sections can be selected and deselected - you are free to decide which sections you wish to translate.

Language selection directly in the Tour

Users can select the language of their choice directly in the tour. In addition to the general share link, there are also separate links for each individual language in the backend. 
You can therefore decide whether you want to use a general link or a language-specific link. Switching to a different language is still possible in all link versions. 

FAQs about Multilinguality

Can additional languages be added?

Yes! If you already have a Pro subscription, more languages can be added to our selection.
If it is a rather rare language, automatic translation may not be available in that case. Availability depends on the languages that Google Translate currently supports. 

Do users have to select the language after opening the tour?

If the general share link is used, the language depends on the user's browser or system language. 
For example, if a tour is available in English, Spanish and French, it would automatically be displayed in French for a French user. 

Why can't I see a tag even though it has been assigned a language?

For tags to be displayed (in the editor and in the tour), content must also be present in the tag, a title as a minimum.

If a tag has no title and no other content, it will not be displayed in the tour or in the editor. In this way, certain tags can also be deliberately displayed in just one language, for example. 

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