Multimedia Menu


The menu is the heart of every tour!


In addition to logos and contact details, a direct navigation, images, videos, tags, social links, a map and other skins can be linked to the Menu. A tag search or tag categories can also be integrated!


Give your tours a personal touch and configure individual text and background colors for the respective menu blocks. 
But that's not all: using the "extend-HTML" feature, the menu can be completely personalized with own fonts, styling and layout. The only limit is your own creativity! 

Deeplink Navigation

Navigating has never been so easy: the integration of a submenu with deep links allows users to easily navigate directly to different areas of the tour.

Up to three levels of submenu can be created, allowing you to subdivide the individual areas of your tour as required. 

Media Content

Everything in one place: add texts, logos, photos, videos, panoramas or other media content to the menu to provide visitors with access to all relevant information as a permanent fixture in the tour.

If your project consists of several skins, you can, for example, integrate a panorama/360° image with hotspots in the menu. Associated skins can be linked as well! 


Would you like to customize the look of the menu, implement your own colors and fonts or change the block structure? No problem!

With MPskin you are completely flexible when it comes to designing the menu. Thanks to our "extend HTML" feature, you can tailor the menu to your own needs.

FAQs about the Menu

How can I personalize the menu?

The standard options for personalization are available in all plans. 
These options include individual icons for each menu block and each submenu item, colors for each menu block, settings for opacity and position of the menu (left/right) as well as the selection of a text color.

PRO users also have the option of making extensive customizations with the extend HTML feature. For example, using their own fonts, removing the menu dividers or language selection. 
With extend HTML, there are virtually no limits to the menu design, as you can utilize HTML, JS and CSS code directly in the skin.

Can I use a menu on several skins?

To use a menu (or a menu template) in several skins, you can simply duplicate the original skin and link a different Matterport Space ID in the duplicates!

If you want a uniform look for all your projects, you can also easily create a skin template. There, you can design the menu according to your preferences and then copy this template at the start of a new project.

Do I have to use a menu?

No, the menu can also be disabled completely if desired. 

Can I also include deep links to other skins in the submenu?

Yes, that is possible! Any deeplink, even from other skins, can be integrated in the submenu - this enables navigation across several skins!

To do this, it is advisable to first set up the initial skin with menu etc. and leave out the deeplinks for the time being. You can then duplicate this skin and exchange the space ID in the duplicates. Once all the skins associated with the project have been created, you can start creating the individual deeplinks. 

Start your creative journey with MPskin!