Whitelabeling settings

How to enable your personal Tour-URL in Whitelabeling step by step:

Step 1:

Create your Subdomain
(e.g. my.company.com)

Step 2:

Change the DNS settings on your Subdomain.
Use the DNS CNAME record to point your Subdomain to the host ip.mpskin.com
Insert it twice for: my.company.com  &  www.my.company.com

Step 3:

Go to your “Settings”, under Whitelabelling click on “Add Domain” and
add your subdomain to MPskin.


Step 4:

When the DNS check is green, click on “Whitelabel Activation request” and we will activate it as soon as possible.
After that, it takes within 1-24h to actualize the DNS worldwide.

To use Whitelabeling login always using your subdomain!