Meet inside your Matterport tours

MPskin enables real-time Avatar Meetings directly inside digital twins.
It’s immersive, integrated video conferencing for real estate, construction, insurance, hospitality, and retail.
With a few clicks you can meet virtually inside remote spaces to showcase, sell and collaborate with a sense of presence.

Seamless Integration

Simply paste your MPskin project link into the meeting app for easy integration.

Easy Meeting Set-Up

Instantly create clickable meeting links to invite participants.

No Software to Install

Access projects from your phone, tablet, computer. No downloads required.

Create unlimited Meetings

Host unlimited meetings within your tours. The Avatar Meeting dashboard provides streamlined project access, including management of users and consumption monitoring. Every meeting has capacity for up to 16 people at once.

Meet, Remote control and Share

You can chat, screenshare and see where people are through avatars and pointers. With the follow button (remote control) you can guide your guests through the space.
MPskin Avatar Meeting provides a way to navigate through your project together while virtually meeting inside it.

Custom settings

It’s easy to create a shareable meeting link as soon as your Matterport tour is set up in MPskin.
There are two options for the meeting links:
PUBLIC –  one link for all guests; PRIVATE – Custom links for each guest.
Guests has to click just the link and join you inside the tour. You can even move between different properties during the same meeting.

Statistics and consumption

All statistics and consumption costs of your meetings can be filtered and displayed in order to be able to charge these to the customers.



4.000 minutes for free monthly
50 monthly (500€ annually)
  • incl. 4.000 min. monthly / 48.000 min. annually
  • For all Plans: BASIC, BUSINESS, PRO
  • Consumption, statistics monitoring
  • Up to 16 partecipants per meeting
  • 24 Avatars